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Initial Strategic Conference (I.S.C.)

If you wish to discuss your situation in detail, we can set up and conduct an I.S.C. For a flat fee of $300.00, I interview you at length, analyze your circumstances and provide specific opinions, regarding every issue in your situation. If you want to set up an I.S.C., please call us at 973-473-7171.

The I.S.C. may help you for the following reasons:

  1. If you want to know your rights without seeking a divorce now (or discuss another family law matter), you can obtain specific information about what will happen if you do proceed with a divorce (or other legal action) in the future.
  2. If you are considering retaining me in your case, you will have a clear and explicit understanding of how I will proceed on all of your issues.
  3. If you are speaking to other attorneys, you will have a “second opinion” for comparison to views and advice from those lawyers.
  4. If you decide to file for divorce (or take other legal action) and hire me as your legal counsel, I will reduce the amount of your retainer fee by $300.00.

I do provide specific opinions during the I.S.C. However, these opinions do not constitute legal advice since I will not have any knowledge pertaining to your spouse's position on issues and matters we may not have addressed, etc.