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Sound Advice for Any Divorce

Experienced Divorce Counsel in New Jersey

Every person is different, and every divorce is different. But certain fundamental principles apply to any spouse going through this difficult, life-changing event.

Before you take the first step down the road to ending your marriage, civil union or domestic partnership, call Howard J. Pfeffer, Attorney at Law Of Counsel to the Law Office of Enrico Luciano, for straightforward legal advice.

Facts Applying To Every Divorce or Civil Union Dissolution

  • Consider Your Decision Carefully - A divorce is a serious and final act! It is always in your best interest to be sure your situation justifies this drastic remedy.
  • Seek Counseling First - In some cases, marital counseling can resolve difficulties between you and your spouse. If successful, a divorce may be unnecessary.
  • Prepare For Stress - Studies show divorce causes extremely high levels of stress, second only to the stress caused by the death of a family member. If necessary, talk to a mental health professional so that you can effectively deal with the stress.
  • Consider Your Children - Try to keep the divorce between you and your spouse. Keep your children out of the conflict. They are not the cause of your relationship problems.
  • Focus On Long-Term Issues - Alimony and child support are more important than such short-term issues as how the wedding gifts are divided. Concentrating on important, ongoing needs is vital.
  • If Possible, Settle Before Going to Court - Approximately 98% of all divorce actions are settled, and not tried by a family court judge. It is in your best interest to reach a prompt, amicable and inexpensive settlement.
  • Retain An Accountant - Tax laws have a major impact on divorce cases. Work closely with a knowledgeable accountant to help ensure your divorce settlement maximizes your own interests.
  • Choose The Right Attorney - Choose a legal advocate who will work to resolve your situation amicably. Attorney fees for contested divorces can be substantial. A competent matrimonial attorney will minimize these costs to save you money. Because of the intimate relationship between attorneys and clients in divorce cases, you must have trust and confidence in your lawyer.

Passaic County attorney Howard J. Pfeffer provides over 45 years of experience practicing family law exclusively. He has handled thousands of family law matters, including divorce and dissolution of a same-sex relationship.

Howard understands that during this difficult time a partnership built on honest communication, where we rely on each other, offers an ideal opportunity for success.

Contact us at our law office to learn more about how you can best pursue your goals within the New Jersey divorce process.