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Family Law Overview

Family Law Lawyer Serving Passaic County and Other Areas

Extensive Divorce and Family Law Experience

Howard J. Pfeffer, Attorney at Law Of Counsel to the Law Office of Enrico Luciano, has more than 45 years of experience practicing family law. Throughout his career, he has handled thousands of family law cases for clients in Passaic County and throughout North Jersey.

By choosing Howard Pfeffer to help resolve a family legal matter, you enjoy a partnership dedicated to the protection of your rights. Call at (973) 473-7171 or email at Lucianolaw@yahoo.com our Bergen County family law attorney to learn how he can help you find effective solutions to your divorce and other family concerns:

  • Alimony and spousal support : Alimony in New Jersey depends on a large number of factors. Experienced lawyer Howard Pfeffer can explain these factors and how they will affect your case.
  • Post-judgment modifications : Your divorce judgment or family law order can be modified when certain relevant circumstances change, even if you previously agreed not to modify it.
  • Parental relocation : When a parent wants to move out of state with a child, a legal process must be followed. There are also legal consequences for in-state relocations.
  • Child support : Attorney Pfeffer can help you determine parental child support obligations under New Jersey's guidelines.
  • Custody and visitation : New Jersey has a child-centered process for resolving child custody and visitation, also known as parenting time. Howard knows the laws and how they will impact your lives.
  • Unmarried child support and visitation : Even if a child's parents are unmarried, that child has rights to child support and parenting time with both parents.
  • Domestic violence : Domestic violence cases have serious consequences that can be both sudden and long-lasting. Howard will vigorously represent you in these cases and help you obtain a restraining order if necessary to protect yourself and your children.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements : Coming to an agreement about the structure of your marriage now can prevent conflict in the future.
  • Property distribution : Under New Jersey law, there are many factors affecting property division. Howard has extensive experience helping clients seek fair distribution of assets and debts, even in high-net-worth divorce cases.
  • Same-sex relationships : From concerns over domestic abuse to child custody disputes, even adoptions, attorney Pfeffer understands what is at stake for any person concerned about protecting their family interests.

Straightforward Family Law Advice

Whether it is sound advice in a divorce regarding division of property and other issues, or a practical answer to how much a divorce will cost, we offer experience and an honest approach to discussion and resolution of your legal problems. Contact our family law attorney to learn more about our firm's philosophy and schedule an Intensive Strategic Conference (I.S.C.).

We handle divorce cases in counties throughout New Jersey, including those in Essex County and Bergen County.