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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Clifton

Skilled New Jersey Spousal Abuse and Assault Attorney

Spousal abuse and other domestic violence charges are serious cases in which the family courts have the ability to regulate people's home lives. Victims of abuse can protect themselves with the courts' help, and people wrongfully accused of abuse have a brief window of time in which to assert their rights.

Howard J. Pfeffer, Attorney at Law, has over 45 years of family law experience and has represented many clients in domestic abuse proceedings. If you are on either side of a domestic violence dispute, call us to get the immediate legal help you need.

A Major Area of New Jersey Family Law

While divorce is the most prominent area of family law, domestic violence complaints are actually the most common family law action. Recent annual statistics showed about 33,000 divorces annually in New Jersey and about 60,000 domestic violence complaints.

Passaic County Attorney Howard J. Pfeffer has handled many domestic violence cases and can help you through what is often an unfamiliar and confusing family court process.

A Quickly-Moving Process With Serious Consequences

When a domestic violence complaint is filed, the court will almost always issue an immediate protective order (commonly known as a Temporary Restraining Order) preventing the accused from going near the accuser, even if it means forbidding that person from going home.

What follows is a legal process with important consequences. The domestic violence trial will be as soon as a week later. At this trial, the protective order can be made permanent. The accuser can be awarded support money, and the accused can be required to attend anger management classes.

There are also long-term consequences for child custody. When one parent is convicted of abuse, the other parent gets presumptive custody of the children.

Because there are so many serious consequences for a domestic assault conviction, the courts must balance the safety of the accuser with the rights of the accused. For this reason, it is highly advisable to seek help from a skilled lawyer who can advocate on your behalf.

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