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How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

Honest Answers From A New Jersey Divorce Attorney

It is impossible to advise anyone in advance what their total legal fees will be. Every couple has different factors to work with, from martial property to their goals for the divorce. Many factors affect the level of costs incurred in any family law matter.

Howard J. Pfeffer, Attorney at Law has over 45 years of family law experience representing clients throughout Northern New Jersey. Contact our Passaic County Attorney for a straightforward discussion about your concerns.

Straightforward Advice About The Cost of A Divorce

Some of the major factors that contribute to the cost of a divorce case include:

  • The time and labor required to resolve the situation. We work strictly on an hourly basis. Obviously, the more parties negotiate and argue, the longer it will take to settle matters. Each month we send you a detailed statement of expenses. We bill you in six-minute increments, so you can see and analyze the exact amount of time, by line-item, we spent on each task.
  • The novelty and complexity of the matter. Naturally, a case involving children, significant real estate, alimony and large assets, will take more time and be more expensive than a situation in which a client has no assets or real estate, no children, and has been married a relatively short time.
  • The skill needed to perform required legal services. Again, in situations in which there are large and complex assets, a closely-held business for example, more time and expertise is required to settle the matter, or to try the case in court.

An Explanation of Legal Fees

At our practice there is no minimum fee or maximum fee for a divorce. We do offer:

Retainer Fee - Our retainer varies from $1,000 to $7,500 based on the complexity of the divorce and which attorney handles your case. Funds are placed in our attorney professional account, from which we make payment for services rendered each month. We provide monthly itemized billing for all work performed on your behalf. Depending on your decisions and objectives in a case, retainers may be exhausted, or any unused funds will be returned to you.

Payments on Account: If the entire retainer is spent during the course of litigation, we allow you to make monthly payments on account, rather than requiring an additional lump sum retainer. We charge modest interest on any outstanding balance over thirty days old. Our goal is to help you resolve your divorce concerns with the minimum of time and expense.

Hourly Rates - The rate you pay for legal services will vary by attorney. Mr. Pfeffer and his associate do everything possible to keep your fees low, by minimizing unnecessary telephone calls, working as efficiently as possible under the circumstances of your case, and using a computer tracking process to account for all costs.

Intensive Strategic Conference (I.S.C.) - We offer an Intensive Strategic Conference if you wish to discuss your situation in detail, we can set up and conduct an I.S.C. For a flat fee of $300.00, I interview you at length, analyze your circumstances and provide specific opinions, regarding every issue in your situation,

If you wish to set up an I.S.C., please call us at 973-473-7171. Please note that we are not able to offer legal advice unless and until we are retained as your family law advocate.