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Mediation in New Jersey

Not every divorce or family law issue can be resolved by traditional negotiation. In some cases, litigation is necessary and in other cases, there are different forms of alternative dispute resolution that may be effective. It is crucial to have representation on your side that is not only familiar with all of these options, but someone who is comfortable in every arena.

Howard J. Pfeffer, Attorney at law, believes in using alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, whenever it is advantageous for a client. Call New Jersey divorce lawyer Howard J. Pfeffer for an honest assessment of your divorce case and what the best course of action is to achieving a favorable outcome.

Clifton Family Lawyer Experienced at Working With Mediators

Mediation is the process of bringing a dispute to a neutral third party to hear and comment upon. The mediator's purpose is to listen to both sides and help them compromise in the hopes of reaching an amicable settlement. One of the main purposes of mediation is to help facilitate productive conversation between the parties and help each side understand the reasoning for his or her position. A mediator can also help the parties find common ground so they can productively come to an agreement on contested issues.

Mediation does have its advantages, including:

  • It is cost -effective
  • It gives the parties an opportunity to present evidence that may not be allowed to be introduced in court
  • It allows for more creative solutions
  • It is less risky than litigating an issue and leaving the decisions to a judge

In all cases, the New Jersey family court system will require economic mediation so that the parties can try to work out an equitable property division settlement package without having to proceed to trial. In other situations, people can choose to mediate issues such as child custody, visitation and parenting time.

Two crucial factors to a successful mediation are picking the right mediator and having effective counsel on your side to present your position. Our law firm can recommend experienced mediators and we can represent you in mediation.

Contact New Jersey divorce attorney, Howard J. Pfeffer, to learn more about mediation, alternative dispute resolution and our philosophy about the divorce process. We encourage you to set up an Intensive Strategic Conference (I.S.C.) to strategize the best option to settling your divorce efficiently and equitably.