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Post-Judgment Modifications

New Jersey Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer

Modifying the Terms of a Divorce

New Jersey's divorce process is designed to bring a marriage to a conclusion that is fair to everyone. Sometimes, however, what one spouse believes is fair changes after the divorce is final.

If you believe enforcement of the existing divorce judgment would be unfair because of changed circumstances, or if your ex-spouse is seeking to alter the judgment, Call to hire Mr. Pfeffer or set up an Intensive Strategic Conference (I.S.C.) about your post-judgment modification case.

Dealing With Changed Circumstances

Any aspect of a divorce decree is subject to post-judgment modification if there have been significant changes to the circumstances that were relevant to the original divorce determinations.

Among the relevant circumstances for modification of child support, custody and visitation are changes in the child's life such as emancipation or disability, as well as changes in the parents' income or household situation.

Modification of property and alimony settlements post-judgment is governed in New Jersey by the famous case of Lepis v. Lepis, which sets forth a multistep procedure for determining whether either or both parties' economic circumstances have changed enough to justify altering the divorce judgment.

Call Mr. Pfeffer at (973) 473-7171 or email him at Lucianolaw@yahoo.com, to get in touch with a lawyer with extensive experience in the modification of divorce judgments.

Handling Non-Modification Agreements

Many divorce settlements in New Jersey include what is called an anti-Lepis clause, an agreement that neither side can seek alimony or pursue any other modification of the property distribution after the divorce is final.

If your settlement includes an anti-Lepis clause, that does not automatically mean you or your ex-spouse cannot get a post-judgment modification. While the courts will sometimes honor these clauses, they also sometimes set them aside as unfair when relevant circumstances have changed significantly since the divorce was made final.