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Property Distribution

New Jersey Property Division Attorney

Clifton Division of Marital Assets Lawyer

One of the central issues in divorce is the division of property acquired during the marriage. New Jersey family law treats a married couple as an economic unit. Even if property is in the name of one spouse, both spouses may have a claim to it.

Howard J. Pfeffer, Attorney at Law, has handled more than a thousand divorce cases and has an extensive property division background. Contact our Bergen County lawyer to get your divorce on the right track.

Understand the Law of Property Division

In New Jersey, the legal principle that applies to property division in divorce is called equitable distribution of marital assets. Marital assets include any property and debts accumulated during the marriage. This can include things like the family home and any retirement plan acquired by either spouse.

"Equitable" does not mean the same thing as "equal." In some divorces, the property is divided fifty-fifty, but it does not have to be, as long as the division of martial assets is fair to both sides. There are many specific legal factors for determining fairness, including:

  • What are the tax consequences?
  • Will the property gain in value?
  • What are the interest rates on investment accounts?

Don't Give Up Your Rights for a Quick Divorce
Some standardized, one-size-fits-all divorce settlement agreements may lead you to unknowingly give up important property division rights, such as a share of all marital property. Howard can help tailor a plan to your interests.

Negotiating a Favorable Resolution

Ninety-eight percent of New Jersey divorces are negotiated. Get an attorney who is experienced at protecting divorce clients' rights in detailed negotiations. You need a lawyer who can help craft creative and effective solutions to your property division concerns.

Lawyer Howard J. Pfeffer has represented many clients in cases that involved complex division of property through negotiations or — if necessary — presentation of evidence and arguments to a Family Court Judge in a divorce trial. He is prepared for whatever your case may bring.

Don't Hire Somebody Who "Tells You What You Want To Hear"

Others may encourage you to strike back at a spouse or make unrealistic promises. This typically backfires, as they are later unable to properly close the case, wasting your valuable financial assets. You should compare all aspects of different divorce representation options, not just the price, before moving forward with your divorce.

Attorney Pfeffer has the experience and knows the laws. He will give you a straightforward, honest assessment of your case, even if it unfavorable news. His approach can actually help resolve a divorce in a more timely fashion.

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