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Same Sex Relationships

New Jersey Same Sex Relationships Lawyer

Your Legal Advocate in Domestic Partnership Disputes

October 2006 laws allowing civil unions in New Jersey for those in same-sex relationships brought gay and lesbian couples closer to the same level as married couples. However, they have always been on equal footing when it comes to relationship problems.

On top of all the issues gay men and women face in our society, it is important they understand that as couples, they also face the same struggles as husbands and wives. Domestic abuse, parenting conflicts, division of assets and other irreconcilable differences in same-sex relationships also require skilled legal help.

Howard J. Pfeffer, Attorney at Law, offers over 45 years of family law experience. He has handled thousands of cases involving property division, custody, adoptions and more. Contact Bergen County Attorney for candid legal assistance focused on protecting you rights, your children and your property.

Providing Honest Assessments

Because same-sex relationships have the same economic and psychological control disputes as married couples, ending relationships is difficult- emotionally and legally. Howard J. Pfeffer can help you resolve matters with an honest assessment of your special circumstances involving:

Similar to a divorce, dissolving same-sex relationships offers opportunities in the process where domestic partners can settle matters, significantly reducing time and expense without compromising on what each deserves. Howard can help you make wise and effective decisions that protect your rights and achieve your goals.

An Evolving Area of Adoption Law

Attorney Pfeffer also assists couples in a same-sex relationship with adoption, to secure legal parenthood of children. Circumstances can vary depending on whether a joint adoption or second adoption took place before a civil union, or afterwards.

Adoption decrees have legal weight that is independent of the relationship. As such, a civil union should never be relied upon to establish legal parenthood, because of the risk for potential challenges in jurisdictions outside of New Jersey.

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For sound advice and assistance ending a same-sex relationship, or an adoption to protect your parental rights, contact Passaic County family lawyer Howard J. Pfeffer.