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Unmarried Child Support & Visitation

New Jersey Parenting Time Lawyer

Quality Representation for Unmarried Parents in Passaic County and Other Areas

While most people understand child support, custody and visitation in terms of the divorce process, parents who were not married at the time a child was born have the same rights to seek these things on behalf of their children.

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Seeking Child Visitation and Support

Family law in New Jersey does not discriminate between married and unmarried parents when it comes to a child's right to have the care and support of both parents. An unmarried parent can claim these rights through what is called a Family Part Nondissolution Hearing.

If you would like to establish a legal entitlement to parenting time (commonly known as visitation) with your child, you have a right to go to family court and have a mini-trial proceeding before a judge.

If you believe your child deserves child support from his or her other parent, you can go to court and seek a calculation of the appropriate support amount, using the same formula that would be used during a divorce case.

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Understanding Paternity and Testing

New Jersey's Paternity Act says that when a married woman gives birth to a child, that woman's husband is presumed to be the father of the child. When an unmarried woman gives birth, on the other hand, there is no legal presumption as to who the father is.

In many parenting time and child support cases involving unmarried parents, both parents agree on the identity of the father. If, however, either side disputes paternity, the court will order an HLA test to confirm the biological relationship.